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ACA Chef Membership is the one-stop resource for those that are in the market to hire a personal chef.  We make the search for
the right chef much easier for our clients.  Our goal is to help those that are looking to hire a chef do so easily, without
having to search pages of listings, hoping to find a qualified chef that can meet the demands of their request.  
Additionally, we aim to acquire qualified contracted jobs for our chef members.

We are committed to recommending only the best chefs with the highest standards in the industry - bringing additional
business opportunities to the chef.
Becoming a chef member of the American Culinary Alliance will give you the competitive
advantage that you need to fill your schedule and make more profits.
We are currently selecting chefs who provide services such as
weekly meals, dinners for two, small dinner parties, private
and small group cooking classes, family dinners, and other
related culinary services.  
Our Mission is Different.
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Connect with employers and other chefs. Market
your business and build your clientele.
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We are a culinary technology company.  We connect chefs to those that are looking to hire them.
To become a "Professional" or "Premier" chef,
you must first register as an "Associate" chef
in order to be considered.